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Anton Vidokle // Immortality For All: a film trilogy on Russian Cosmism (2014-2017)

FUTURE undone – An experimental assemblage about the Future of the Museum and the Museum of the Future

An exhibition of the University of Applied Arts Vienna curated by participants of the /ecm master’s program 2016-18.

Exhibition opening: Monday, 10/09/2017, 7 pm
Location: AIL Angewandte Innovation Laboratory, Franz-Josefs-Kai 3, 1010 Vienna


Gerald Bast, Principal, University of Applied Arts Vienna
Beatrice Jaschke, management /ecm master’s program, University of Applied Arts Vienna, in dialogue with the exhibition’s curators
Martin Krenn, artist and curator, Art and Communication Practices, University of Applied Arts Vienna

Class for Art and Communication Practices, University of Applied Arts Vienna

Duration and opening times: 10/10/2017 – 10/292017 , daily 12:00 – 8:00 pm

The exhibition is curated by 24 students of the /ecm master’s program 2016-18 at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

What significance will museums carry in the future? How will societal relations be negotiated in them? By taking a look the past, present and future, FUTURE undone critically addresses relationships and conflicts between museums and society. The project investigates the museum as repository, place of memory and public space and discusses its economies. It shows historical and current utopias, protests, visions and dreams. Power relations and instances of exclusion in the past and present are debated. With exhibition objects, a Public Program and interventions in public space, FUTURE undone is an invitation to partake in a collective process of thinking about the museum of the future and the future of the museum.  FullSizeRender (6)The interdisciplinary team of curators has boldly committed itself to an act of experimental fiction that addresses unknown futures. The experimental assemblage in the exhibition space toys with an imaginary future scenario: during the course of the project, the School of Archaeutopia is to be founded, which investigates concepts of the future as well as utopias in past and present societies, by looking at material traces of the past. Archaeutopia is intended to enable another view of the present in order to drive forward change. In the distant future, an archaeutopian discovers an exhibition from the year 2017 that had been packed up into boxes. She is trying to name and categorize the objects, of which there are about 50. They include works of art of different genres (videos, drawings, models, photographs etc.) – among them works by students of the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Also everyday objects and documents that address historical and contemporary visions of the future are part of the find.  The archaeutopian’s thoughts about these accompany visitors through the exhibition.

Public Program: Archaeutopian Inquiries

How can that which already works elsewhere be rehearsed and learned within the museum? The discursive program Archaeutopian Inquiries looks at inspiring forms of working, living and acting together, seen as practical visions for the future of the museum: experts, curators and visitors collaboratively sketch out their demands and strategies. They talk about alternative economies that break free of market forces, art spaces that focus on people’s needs, structures within the museum, democratic and decentralized collecting strategies, afrofuturism as an emancipatory form of expression and the appropriation and occupation of the museum as public space. The program is a plea for intensified content-related cooperation between museums and other institutions and players.

Interventions in the Public Space: Moving Museum

The Moving Museum transports FUTURE undone’s guiding questions into the city. Taking exhibition objects as a starting point, four questions prompt a collective discourse in public space: how is knowledge stored, how are marginalized memories rendered visible, how does the process of collecting function and what role does the museum play for city residents? As a mobile research lab, educational tool and actor, the Moving Museum invites passers-by and visitors of other institutions to exchange ideas. Dialogic and performative interventions by the Art and Communication Practices class at the University of Applied Arts Vienna are part of the program. After these activities, the Moving Museum returns to the exhibition space, loaded with atmospheric pictures, soundtracks, demands, dreams and new objects.

Essence17 ECM

FUTURE undone’s objective is to give thought-provoking impulses for a sustainable discourse about the future of the museum and to formulate a Manifesto of Archaeutopia.


How will museums be financed in the future? FUTURE undone is also testing alternative funding instruments. A crowdfunding campaign is running from 1st to 29th September 2017 on, to collect money for the translation of the publication. All support is welcome!

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